The Axact vs. Student Network Resources (SNR) Case: A New Perspective

Viewed from a legal perspective the Axact vs. SNR case has opened a new dimension. Initial research pertaining to the case shows that Drier LLP the firm whose attorney represented Axact in the SNR case was itself charged with bankruptcy and its founder Marc Drier was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment due to his involvement in a massive investment fraud case. It seems that due to Drier LLP’s bankruptcy and Drier’s implication in a fraud case, Axact ended its legal relationship with Drier LLP and did not pursue the SNR case any further.

A recent article on Wikipedia is a testimony behind Drier’s tarnished image and the bankruptcy of Drier LLP. The facts outlined in this article are also supported by another article appearing on which proves that Drier LLP indeed got bankrupt and Marc Drier is an international fraudster implicated in several scams and frauds. According to the article Drier had pleaded guilty on May 11, 2009 to eight charges in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

To make matters worse Drier LLP’s attorneys abandoned Axact’s representation in a highly objectionable manner due to which the defendants reopened and reactivated the discussion forum at their website where major of the libelous material previously published against Axact appeared again.
Such events compelled Axact to consult its local lawyers in Pakistan and upon their advice Axact filed a lawsuit in Pakistan in order to recover the damages and injunctions the company received in relation to the case.

It seems that Axact was also disappointed with its attorneys from Drier LLP and thus the company filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Sindh at Karachi, Pakistan against the defendants and acquired a decree and judgment for damages amounting US $6million and other remedies since the defendants opted not to join the suit even after served with several court notices and summons.

In conclusion it is suffice to assume that the bankruptcy of Drier LLP along with its founder Marc Drier’s personal involvement in massive investment scams were the key reasons why Axact ended its legal relationships with Drier LLP and thus didn’t pursued the SNR case any further. It seems that the closure of the Essayfraud website also took place due to the local case filed by Axact at the Sindh High Court.

Finally Drier LLP’s bankruptcy clearly outlines the fact that any reputable company should consider all pros and cons while hiring a firm to fight its case as a wrong decision to hire a firm whose own credibility is at stake can lead to disastrous circumstances for the company in the future.


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